Bournemouth Smart Place

Published: June 14 2022

Smart Place is creating digital solutions to improve the lives of residents in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole to enhance the vibrancy of its communities and support business.
Innovative solutions will use cutting-edge digital technology, interconnected information, and the latest high-speed connectivity. This will help to drive sustainable regeneration and economic development across Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole.

The Investment Plan comprises four programmes:

Gigabit Speed Fibre
This is a proposal for a wholesale active fibre spine across Dorset. The 400km route would include 210 identified points of interest such as industrial estates, towns, educational establishments, and hospitals. Investment sought £50m-£65m.

5G Solution
This relates to creating a business-focused deployment of 5G private networks. Initial deployments will be at industrial sites across Dorset, followed by the capability to operate worldwide. Investment sought: £30-£35m.
Place-based Data Insight System
The Place-based Data Insight System will ingest and analyse data at scale. This will form the foundation upon which Smart Place solutions are built, with initial deployment locally with the ability to extend worldwide. Investment sought £25-£30m.

Place-Based Integrated Applications
This programme will build the technical, commercial, and operational capability to create an innovative digital public portal. It will enable residents, organisations, and visitors to engage with a full range of place-based integrated online services, from hospitality and retail, through mobility and transport, to health and social care. Investment sought £30-£35m.

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