A strong recovery from COVID-19

The Central South is at the forefront of the economic
fightback from the pandemic

When the Covid-19 outbreak took hold in early 2020, the UK faced a great deal of uncertainty.

But with the successful rollout of vaccines, the economy is recovering, and the Central South region is leading the way.

The area boasts several top universities which have been assisting with research into the virus and the efforts to bring it under control.

Meanwhile, major employers in both the public and private sectors have adapted to new ways of working, with Covid-compliant offices and many employees working from home.

As a leading tourist destination, the area remains popular with visitors, with many people taking holidays in the UK. This is helping the region’s leisure and hospitality operators to make up for lost time during lockdown.

Whilst the response to Covid-19 remains a crucial priority, the Central South’s economy has kept functioning and it remains an area of great opportunity which is very much open for business.