Step into our Hampshire Story

Published: March 1 2022

Hampshire, a county unparalleled in England, is an economic powerhouse in its own right.

It is a place with a multitude of assets and attractions, boasting three cities of which two are major ports, two National Parks, coastline, connectivity, London close by, fantastic universities, special visitor attractions and a range of businesses and brands from financial services to aerospace.

Hampshire has a compelling story of growing places, businesses, brands, people, and minds.

The Hampshire Story is a forward-looking view of what it will be for as a place, its distinctiveness and ambition. It has been created through the eyes of its stakeholders and its ‘Big Idea’ and themes provide the focus for its promotion and development.

We are Global Leaders in the Business of Marine: The city ports of Portsmouth and Southampton are not just vital for Hampshire’s economy, but also UK plc. We are at the forefront of marine and maritime research, creating new technologies and innovations. Hampshire is home to many leading companies such as Associated British Ports, BAE Systems, Carnival UK and DP World, which along with other smaller yet still important players, creating a vibrant, maritime economic cluster; this is a working coastline.

You can Experience England here: Hampshire is a story of England in so many ways. Winchester, the former seat of King Alfred the Great, is England’s ancient capital and described as ‘England as it ought to be’. This sets the tone for the delights you can experience across the county; the reasons so many want to live and work here. From trout in sparkling chalk streams to village pubs, cricket, and Winchester Cathedral to name but a few examples. Hampshire is also birthplace of Jane Austen, one of England’s greatest literary treasures and Hampshire was her inspiration. Our landscape is incredibly diverse, and it is home to two National Parks – the New Forest and South Downs – which each have their own distinct ecosystems.

We are Harnessing Hi-Tech: You could be deceived when driving through Hampshire and away from the cities that this is just a beautiful combination of woodland, countryside, villages, and small towns with what seems to be a relaxed pace of life. However, hidden amongst this unique landscape are world-leading businesses, centres of research and development, big brands, big thinking, extraordinary talent, and cutting-edge tech.

The Hampshire Life: When it comes to liveability, Hampshire has it all; we are location, location, location. Hampshire certainly isn’t all about quaint, traditional places to live that come with big price tags: there’s a lot of new development that means more affordable opportunities in garden-style communities. We are incredibly proud of our enticing environment which encompasses such a diversity of experiences. Hampshire has extensive woodlands to wander in, countryside to cycle and walk in, and sea to swim in, and all on your doorstep. There’s a great combination of urban hustle and bustle with a slower pace of life if you want it, and it’s not hard to find quiet, big skies and fresh air to simply lose yourself in the landscape.

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